The are of Fort Washington in the state of Maryland is quite unique. Where else can you visit a park and see artifacts still remaining from Revolutionary War times? That’s what you get when you are that close to DC. You’ll have an easy time looking for adventures and things to do. I’m going to fill you in on what’s good to eat in Fort Washington.

One good restaurant to stop by is Ledo Pizza. You’re going to find this pizza place at 920 East Swan Creek Road. Homemade hot and fresh pizza always sounds delicious. The pizza there is said to be quite unique, too. Plus if you’re in the mood for dessert, reviews say that the carrot cake is delicious. There are other items on the menu besides pizza and dessert, and I’ll leave those for you to discover.

How about a restaurant given the name ‘Yummy Yummy?’ That’s quite an interesting name for a restaurant, right? This dining establishment is located at 8503 Oxon Hill Road in Fort Washington, and it’s actually fast food. Sometimes you need a good fast food pick when you’re out and about traveling. If you’re looking for a menu recommendation, people point to the chicken wings as a favorite.

You might also want to stop by North Star Bakery. This bakery is located on Livingston Road, and it is known for its Filipino pastries. This bakery or restaurant is actually a home that was converted into a place of business. Now we’re talking, as you don’t often get to see places to eat like that. It should make for a very interesting experience.

Joy’s Deli is another top pick. This deli is located off of Old Fort Road. The locals like this place, and evidently, one of the favorites is a steak and cheese sandwich. People say that this place looks like a corner store. That makes for yet another interesting place to visit as you are traveling around Fort Washington.

I’ve eaten at a restaurant that was a converted home. Have you? If you haven’t, you get the chance now. Also, have you heard of a favorite in DC called Half Smokes? It’s something you can order at the deli that was mentioned. It’s evidently really popular in DC and is on the menu at least at that one place when you’re traveling Fort Washington MD. You might find Half Smokes elsewhere, too.